Writing review on the book- “Kohana 3.0 Beginner’s Guide”

Kohana Book

One year back I have written a post on Kohana and CodeIgniter. In that post, I wrote I like Kohana than CodeIgniter. Kohana is an open source, object oriented MVC web framework built using PHP5 by a team of volunteers that aims to be swift, secure, and small. Kohana is changing rapidly. But still Kohana does not have good documentation. Few weeks ago I have found a book on Kohana titled Kohana 3.0 Beginner’s Guide from Packt Publishing.

I am going to write a review on this book. I hope it will be helpful to the young programmers.

You can find some more information on Kohana from the following links.

Kohana and CodeIgniter PHP Framework

Kohana: the swift PHP frameworkCodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. I have been working on CodeIgniter for more than 2 years. I suggested lot of my friends to learn CodeIgniter. Few months back I started working on Kohana PHP framework. The slogan of Kohana is nice – “The Swift PHP Framework”. I liked Kohana at the first sight.

I developed several web application using Kohana and became a big fan of Kohana. Here I would like to show you some code segments of both frameworks. CodeIgniter

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