Joomla error – Layout “unijoy” not found

I was getting a error message while trying to visit Joomla site in my local PC. I can visit the live joomla sites, but can not visit the Joomla site those are hosted in my local PC.

Following error message was generating:

[sourcecode language=”plain”]Layout "unijoy" not found[/sourcecode]

I was trying to visit using Mozilla Firefox. If I use any other browser it shows everything fine. What was the problem?

I was facing this problem since several months. I could not mange time to identify the problem. Today I made a promise “I’ll fix this problem today”, and identified the problem and fixed.

Simply, there was a cookie in Firefox named layout and the value was “unijoy” for the localhost domain. When I try to visit Joomla site from my local PC, it picks the cookie “layout” and try to render the view “unijoy“.

I have remove the cookie and now it works fine. 😀