Rich Text Editor, a lightweight jQuery Plugin

Recently I am using a rich text editor (WYSIWYG editor) one of my professional web project. This is a jQuery plugin developed by Andrey Gayvoronsky. I am one of the contributors of this project.

I choose this RTE for some reasons. My requirements were-

  • It should be lightweight
  • Customizable and extendible

This plugin fulfills my requirements. There were some issues to be fixed and I already fixed those issues. I am going to commit the fixes soon. Feeling Happy to work with this project.

Flip and Fun

Flip your textFew days ago Hasin Hayder sent me a link where texts can be flipped. Really interesting and funny.


Try this to flip your texts.


I made some modification according to my necessity. You may use Flip Text service for following things

  • IM screen names
  • Put it in your profiles like MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Facebook, Youtube etc.
  • Create strong passwords
  • Encrypt your download links to prevent leechers
  • Freak your friends
  • And make fun

Flip and Fun

Submit HTML form to pop up window

Some times we may need to submit HTML form to a pop up window. Let’s take a look into the details.
Say for I have a HTML form.

[sourcecode language=”html”]

Name :
E-mail :


We may submit this form to a blank window by setting target=”_blank”, but when we need to submit the form to a pop up window then we should do some extra code. Let’s try.

Step one: Defining a JavaScript function
[sourcecode language=”javascript”]function openWindow(url, wname, width, height) {, wname, “height=” + height + “,width=” + width + “location = 0, status = 1, resizable = 0, scrollbars=1, toolbar = 0”);
return true;

Above function opens a pop up window according to the supplied arguments. There is a tricky thing. ‘name’ is a keyword in JavaScript. We should not put the variable name as ‘name’. IE reports error if we put name as a variable name.

Step two: Setting the form attributes
Now we set the form attributes like bellow
[sourcecode language=”html”]


Step three: Preparing thank you page
Now we are ready to prepare the thank-you.php page for processing the form data.

Some more things must follow for security and to protect spamming. We should apply both JavaScript and server side validation into the form, protect spamming and XSS.