7 things you may not know about me

The game I saw in Hasin Hayder‘s blog. I have been tagged by Rayhan Chowdhury yesterday. Thanks for the tagging.

“originally started by tony bibbs it is a funny thing indeed. okay, everyone knows what the seven things is. i was tagged by emran and here goes my seven things” – from Hasin Hayder‘s blog.

I like this game, and now let me share 7 things you may NOT know about me.

  1. I was a student of Humanities in SSC, HSC; and later I passed B.Ed. (Hons) and M.Ed. from Teachers Training College, Dhaka.
  2. In the last 4 years of my education, I was a hardware and trouble shooting engineer, based on home service.
  3. I have lots of students, youngest student read in class 8 (in 2003) and the oldest student is a doctor. I assume his age around 95 years.
  4. I wrote a book on computer learning named “এসো কম্পিউটার শিখি – Computer learning guide”, published by D.Net.
  5. Last month I got a baby girl who can not write PHP code. LOL. I am sure her mother knows PHP and C++. Continue reading “7 things you may not know about me”