Joomla error – Layout “unijoy” not found

I was getting a error message while trying to visit Joomla site in my local PC. I can visit the live joomla sites, but can not visit the Joomla site those are hosted in my local PC. Following error message was generating: [sourcecode language=”plain”]Layout "unijoy" not found[/sourcecode] I was trying to visit using Mozilla Firefox. […]

Dot bd (.bd) domain look up or whois look up

Dot bd (.bd), internet address of Bangladesh. Would you like to register .bd domain? You need to visit BTCL‘s office in Mogbazar, Dhaka. You may visit BTCL’s official website to know how to register .bd domain. Here  I would like to share a simple service to search .bd domain for registration or whois record. […]

Open Flash Chart :: amazing chart generating application

Now a days I am working in Open Flash Chart (OFC). I found this amazing, easy to generate chart and use in web applications. Flash produces high quality graphics. OFC generates high resolution charts, I think you like this very much. Lets take a look into a screenshot. Click on the thumbnail to view actual […]

HTML form :: difference between disabled and readonly element

I was working with HTML forms. In the forms I used readonly and disabled input elements. What is the deference between these two attributes of input element? Say for I have an input element in HTML form. If we set the attribute readonly=”readonly” then the input element is not editable. This attribute allows the user […]