Dot bd (.bd) domain look up or whois look up

Dot bd (.bd), internet address of Bangladesh. Would you like to register .bd domain? You need to visit BTCL‘s office in Mogbazar, Dhaka. You may visit BTCL’s official website to know how to register .bd domain.

Here  I would like to share a simple service to search .bd domain for registration or whois record.

Visit this link to search .bd domain or whois record.


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  1. I am extremely frustrated by not being able to check & register dot bd (.bd) domains directly and automatically on the internet. Dot bd (.bd) should be an independent body – should not be under BTCL – not doubt a bureaucratic & corrupt organisation. Dot bd (.bd) is a huge potential money earner for Bangladesh Government – it’s missing out on millions of dollars of income every month – someone please do some thing about this!!!!

  2. Also it’s unfortunate that registering .bd directly is forbidden. You have to choose, or something like this. This is reducing the value of a domain name.

    Due to problem of registration of .bd domains, the companies of Bangladesh register .com domains by adding bd at the end of their desired name. I see Arafat himself has done so. His domain might be “” or simply “”

    May Allah Bless Bangladesh!!! There is none to help us except the Almightly!!!!!!!!

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