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Now a days I am working in Open Flash Chart (OFC). I found this amazing, easy to generate chart and use in web applications. Flash produces high quality graphics. OFC generates high resolution charts, I think you like this very much. Lets take a look into a screenshot.

OFC generated chart
OFC generated chart

Click on the thumbnail to view actual size. You may visit OFC homepage, try the tutorial to lean how to make chart using open flash chart. Here your find some sample charts. OFC has two sets of chart library, version 1 and version 2. I think version 2 is better than version 1. Here is the download link of OFC version 2. OFC tutorial is very much easy to understand.

OFC includes some other tools, swfobject, and JSON for data files. And also includes Server Side Helper Libraries for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, .NET, Google Web Toolkit and JAVA to generate hassle free JSON formatted data.

I hope you enjoy OFC.

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  1. its great !!! specially for graphics..
    Did u use jMaki chart ? Its also nice with lot of features.. Fully ajax based chart framework for PHP & J2EE application..

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