Document to PDF Conversion :: Any Idea ?

Hi All,
Now a days I am working on Document to PDF Conversion using PHP. I got a few tutorial on it, but not complete solution. Have you any idea ?

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  1. did u seek help in the zend site on this matter? i think u will get some real clues on this. by the way nice to meet u. nice blog.

  2. doPDF is really work nice for creating PDF, faster then Adobe PDF creator. For reading FoxItReader is also good and faster.


  3. I’ve been using FPDF before, but it only uses some latin character encoding and doesn’t support UTF-8. I had to generate Documents in different European languages which have all different accents and umlauts, so I started using TCPDF and I’m very happy with it. I didn’t even try to use CSS, but I’m builing my pages by positioning every text block separately.

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