About me


I am Arafat Rahman.

Having 13+ years of experiences on web application development, expert in LAMP and LEMP stack. A full stack developer, Ubuntu fan.

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  1. im a begneer, i want to learn form you. Personaly. provable u dont have time…pls give me ur contact information..i wana work under u only one months..i think u help ..me..
    i doing my final year bsc engg in daffodil uni..

    bye for now


  2. Hi

    This is rumana akter, I am a web application engineer. I like your blog. Its nice.

    See you later.


  3. Hi Arafat Bai,

    Nice blog page!
    I am Rayhan Chowdhury, BSc in Civil Engineering (Final year), PU. I am a beginner in many aspect of PHP-MySQL web development. Hope I will get your help in different issues.


  4. Hello
    Thanks For Your OSCOMMERCE Plug-In,
    I’m Install already, howerver Pin Number is not send by email…..

    also i can’t See at Invoice and Packing Slip Too;—

    Where can i find Pin Number.

    Please Let Me know


  5. Bhaiya,

    Ami apner Blog dheklam, nice. Ami Dhanmondi Boyz e pori, amar ekta Bangla blog banate ki korte hobee janaben ki?

    Ami amar boro apu’r help nie seta banate parbo. PLEASE, PLEASE

    Valo thakben,

    (Please Amar letter approve korben na, Eta just apnar help er jonno lekha)

  6. Nice to know about people like you. Realy you are cool. Coz you are Sun certified.
    I was dreaming to be like yours.
    If you have enough time then suggest me to become a Sun Certified.
    [email protected]

  7. wanna create a chat site like wapspell or enother1.plz help me.i was wanna nd try it by long turm.bt i dnt get it any how.plz reply me.how can do i 4 it.i’ll really appreciate it if u can send it 2 my inbox or [email protected] or +8801719023450

  8. আপনাকে অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ comment করার জন্য।
    আমার এই Blog নতুন তৈরী করেছি তাই এত বিস্তারিত বলতে পারলাম না । আশা করি ধীরে ধীনে আও ডেভেলপ হবে তাছাড়া আমার নেট খুবই costly এবং slow
    সবচেয়ে বড় কথা আমি মাএ সবে ক্লাস দশম এ..সময় এরও ব্যাপার আছে

  9. Everybody fillup you by attractive and valuabe comments. I did’t find any fasceniting comments to send you. To my mind you are nice, smart & excellent artist. I wish-long live Geyda Vai.

  10. @Sohel Alam,
    Thank you for your comment.
    অনেক দিন পর “গেদা ভাই” কথাটা শুনলাম। এখন আর কেউ খুব বেশি বলে না।

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